30 credits are offered under this and student has to follow and complete.
221-411 International Finance 3 (3-0-6)

Pre: 221-102 Principles of financial Accounting II; 221-204 Business Finance
Basic concepts of international finance, interest rates, finance mechanism and international finance system, finance circulation markets, forecasting the rate of finance exchange and cost of management in venturing, taking advantage of the difference in international financial systems. Operations and international relations of commercial banks.

221-418 International Business Seminar 3 (3-0-6)

Pre: 221-203 Organization and Management; 221-411 International Finance
A directed study and seminar on selected business topics and issues in international business. Students study the unique challenges faced by international companies and the strategies utilized to meet those challenges. Study and seminar on such areas as global business opportunities, economic, technological, and political environments that influence global business initiatives

221-417 Business, Social Responsibility and Service Learning   3 (1-12-3)

Pre: none
Socially responsible business decision making and civic responsibility. The class takes students into diverse dimensions-social, political and cultural-in which business organizations operate to analyze and participate in the challenges which necessitate social and civic responsibilities.

221-420 Investment and Portfolio Management 3 (3-0-6)

Pre: 221-204 Business Finance

Fundamental of investment including definitions of investment, investment process, and important of investment strategies in financial markets. Moreover, students will learn how to manage portfolio using different kinds of securities based on risk and return. In addition, this class will introduce practical work by using recent interesting case studies on the financial market.

221-414 Management of International Business 3 (3-0-6)

Pre: 221-203 Organization and Management

Management and international business operations considering the objectives and strategic operations limits and opportunities of foreign investment development. Development and adjustment of policy in management of international corporations to coincide with international business environment.

3 (2-2-5)

Pre : none

Trade and technologies used currently. Focusing on electronic transaction in practical in the group of finance, banking and insurance. The transaction conduct by website in the group of finance, banking and insurance and other applications via the Internet. Topic also focus on case study and practical.

3 (3-0-6)

Pre-Requisite : 221-205 Principles of Marketing

Concepts and marketing theories. Study marketing environments. Analysis of market competitions and consumer behavior. Market segmentation, selection of target market and product positioning. Product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy. Implementation and marketing activities control.

Credits: 3 (3-0-6)

Pre: 221-205 Principles of Marketing

Study import-export operations; selling, sourcing, negotiation, INCOTERMS,  transport arrangements, payment remittances, customs clearance, management practices, financing, in the international trade scene.

3 (3-0-6)

Pre: 221-205 Principles of Marketing

Nature of international operation, governmental influences, international trading, foreign trading channels, effects of international agencies, political stability or lack of it on viability of operations and cultural differences considerations, marketing mix in internal marketing and control