This category is for students to follow courses under "Mathematics and Basic Science" stream. Students has to complete 9 credits under this category.

117-124 Information Technology 3 (3-0-6)

Pre: None

Study computer technology and electronic systems of information management, computer components, hardware, software, multimedia technology, career in IT, principles of IT management, file and folder types, ethics and safety in IT management.

117-121 Basic Mathematical Principles 3 (3-0-6)

Pre: None
Algebraic operations and processes, properties of real number, polynomial, exponents and radicals, linear equations, quadrate equations, logarithmic equations, sets, matrices and determinant, complex numbers and vectors, sequences, series, and introduction to probability.

Credits:  3 (2-2-5)

Pre: None

Drill in listing, speaking,reading and writing of the English language with emphasis on pronunciation. Simple essay writing, reading comprehension and translation of English sentences

 3 (2-2-5)

Pre: 117-142 English II

Conversation and more listening comprehension, writing longer intelligible compositions, report writing, correspondence exercises, more emphasis on external reading and comprehension. Develop ability to express oneself in English communicatively and to discuss simple business topics

General principles of ecology, relationship between living beings and the environment,impact of science and technological development on life, environment and society,contemporary problems such as the energy crisis, the population explosion, pollution, and environment, and adaptation and prevention for human survival.

3 (3-0-6)

The principles of data and information management; types of data files; algorithm and problem solving; e-business; computer laws; ethics and computer security; computer careers and certification; and trends of informational technology. Practice using spreadsheet and presentation software.